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Enlarged or hypertrophic labia minora (inner) can be functionally or psycho-socially bothersome. Local irritation, problems with personal hygiene, interference with sexual intercourse and discomfort during cycling, horse back riding, wearing exercise clothing, walking or sitting are indications for surgical reduction.

It is almost never necessary to address the outer labia . Sometimes fat injections can be done here in case these are atrophic , especially in older people.

There is a lot written about clitoral hood reduction on the web but : rarely necessary, as this body part then will become uncovered and this is more sensitive then. In my opinion this is more of a commercial item which is a lot described on websites for commercial reason.

Beware also the websites which mention vaginal tightening : I’ve discussed this extensively with many gynaecologists :

What they actually do is lifting the inner lining at the outer third of the vagina, and then plicating the perineal muscles. However, side-effects are not uncommon here, as this can occur after episiotomy after child delivery. Painful scars may arise after this procedure , leading into dyspareunia.

Technique of inner labia reduction

Can be done under a local anaesthetic (850 1side – 950 £ 2 sides ) , or combined with a twilight or general anaesthetic (plus 250 £ )

Patients usually like to decide the size of their inner labia but it is important to remember the function of the labia minora as well. The labia minora protect the vaginal orifice when the thighs are spread and therefore, overcorrection is not recommended. More always can be removed at a later stage, but it can’t be put back once removed.

All sutures/stichtes are dissolvable

Shower only , no bath during first 2 weeks

Keep it dry , use a sanitary towel/pad to cover it

Wound ointment may be benificial

Sex / cycling…. is allowed/possible again after 6 weeks.

With kind regards, Dr Oelbrandt

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