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Singelberg Clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Belgium

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Singelberg kliniek voor plastische, esthetische en reconstructieve chirurgie

About Singelberg clinic

Singelbergclinic is a combination of a private plastic surgery clinic and a Belgian general hospital. We are amongst the few private clinics in Belgium with a very strong and safe link to a general hospitals.

Therefore we are able to provide high quality cosmetic, reconstructive, maxillofacial and plastic surgery. Consultation and post-operative check-ups take place in London, whereas the procedure itself takes place in the Singelbergclinic or in the general hospital of Bornem (
All consultations and check-ups are done by the surgeons themselves .

The private Singelbergclinic is a brand-new and private clinic where smaller cases are done. At the end of the day, the patient will go to a near-by hotel. The next day there is a check-up in the clinic.

In the general hospital of Bornem, more complex or time-consuming cases can be performed, and the patient can stay as long as needed in the hospital for his/her aftercare. Some patients, like are facial remodeling and breast reconstruction patients, will spend their first night on ICU.


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