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The concept

By Dr Frans Noorman van der Dussen, pioneer of FFS surgery, and mentor of many other FFS surgeons.

Performing multiple bone- and soft tissue procedures in all facial anatomical units in one surgical intervention.

To work out the procedures in the right sequence for the best possible harmonious facial feminine expression.

Core options

Opening the view, reduce the “Hooding Factor”, take the eyes out of the shade.

The shape and outline of the forehead-nose-cheek and upper lip must fit in the average 3D harmonious proportional quotation range.

Reduce the width of the lower jaw and the squareness of the chin and fit the lower facial height in the average (or smaller) proportional quotation range.

Redrape the overlaying soft tissues and fatpads to highlight the definition of the flow and shade of the cheekbone.

Facial Feminization Surgery

He is well known around the world for his achievements in Cranial Facial Aesthetic Surgery and especially Facial Feminization Surgery, in which field he developed procedures that have been adopted by many of his colleagues. His target is remodeling the face into average female proportions in a natural harmonious way without exaggerations.

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