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Please use our contact form and include a valid phone number for a price quotation.

Also add the requested procedure and any relevant medical details.

Travel expenses are not included ( e.g.  return Eurostar ticket to Belgium ). All prices are in Euro.

The procedure is carried out in Belgium under belgian law and belgian jurisdiction.

Travel packages are not offered.  Most prices are POA.

First Consultation: 50eur

First Consultation for multiple procedures: 60eur

Botox : 110 euro per zone

Fillers : Hyaluron :  200 – 250  Euro 1 ml

1  area
2 areas
3 areas
4 areas
5 areas
6 areas
Lipofilling (with own fat), Fat transfer : POA

Liposculpture only
Liposculpture and excision of breast tissue
Lipo , excision of breast tissue and skin , with nipple lift

Diep Flap Unilateral
Diep Flap Bilateral
Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple Tattoo
Breast Reconstruction with Latissimus flap and implant
SGAP flap unilateral
SGAP flap bilateral

Cohesive Silicone Gel: Mentor, Motiva , Sebbin

Round /Anatomical Cohesive Silicone Gel
High Profile Cohesive Silicone Gel
Polyurethane breast enlargement

Breast Uplift (mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Breast Enlargement & Round Block Uplift (combined)
Breast Enlargement & Vertical Scar/Anchor Uplift (combined)
Breast Asymmetry

Areola Reduction
Inverted nipple

Classical Tummy Tuck (upper and lower tummy correction )
Mini Tummy Tuck (lower tummy only, usually as a daycase)

Lifting Inner Thighs
Lifting Buttocks

– fronto-orbital remodelling of the bony structures via a coronal flap

– repositioning of the canthus, temporal lift , midfacelift

– bony genioplasty = sliding chin plasty; a chin implant is a cheaper alternative

– orthognatic surgery

– FFS : female feminisation surgery

– making a male face more male

– zygomatic enlargement, cheek bone enhancement ( through implants, medpor, allografts , autlogous bone, Ca hydroxyapatite)

Face Lift (S-Lift, MACS-lift, SMAS plication, lateral SMASectomy )
Classical Facelift (face and neck – deep plane)
Anterior Necklift ( Chin tuck – incision under the chin) – platysmaplasty
Temporal brow Lift (lateral) (short incision in the temporal hairline)

Upper eyelid Surgery
Lower eyelid Surgery
Upper & Lower eyelid SurgeryUpper lip lift

Nose bridge / Closed rhinoplasty without septum
Nose Tip + Nose Bridge / Open or Closed rhinoplasty without septum
Nose Tip + Nose Bridge + Deviated Septum/SeptoplastySecondary nose correction : this may be very timeconsuming surgery :
Ear Correction (otoplasty)

Fat transfer / lipofilling

Lipofilling (with own fat) = lipostructure = autologous fat transplant = fat grafting
Lips / MidFace / temporal hollowing / other parts in the body

Labia Reduction ( inner )
Labia Fat transfer ( outer)

Ultrasound check of tummy (full abdomen) , before tummy tuck , if indicated , by radiologist
Ultrasound and mammography of both breasts , before breast operations, if indicated
These examinations are done in the hospital of Bornem ,
*NB: this price does not include accommodation Accommodation (if necessary) : Euro 500 per night in the general ( Bornem )hospital

PS : We don’t encourage people to take up loans for cosmetic surgery, as this make the procedure more expensive in the end. Hence, we don’t offer finance.

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