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Gelieve ons te contacteren voor een prijsopgave, telefonisch of per email (  )

Een eerste consultatie is  50 Euro en duurt meestal een half uur.

Botuline toxine : 130 euro per zone

Fillers :

Hyaluron :  200 – 250  Euro per spuit van 1 ml

1 zone
2 zone
3 zone
4 zone
5 zone
6 zone
Lipofilling (with own fat), Fat transfer : POA

Liposculpture only
Liposculpture and excision of breast tissue
Lipo , excision of breast tissue and skin , with nipple lift

Diep Flap Unilateral
Diep Flap Bilateral
Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple Tattoo
Breast Reconstruction with Latissimus flap and implant
SGAP flap unilateral
SGAP flap bilateral

Cohesive Silicone Gel: Mentor, Motiva , Sebbin

Round /Anatomical Cohesive Silicone Gel
High Profile Cohesive Silicone Gel
Polyurethane breast enlargement

Breast Uplift (mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Breast Enlargement & Round Block Uplift (combined)
Breast Enlargement & Vertical Scar/Anchor Uplift (combined)
Breast Asymmetry

Areola Reduction
Inverted nipple

Classical Tummy Tuck (upper and lower tummy correction )
Mini Tummy Tuck (lower tummy only, usually as a daycase)

Lifting Inner Thighs
Lifting Buttocks

– fronto-orbital remodelling of the bony structures via a coronal flap

– repositioning of the canthus, temporal lift , midfacelift

– bony genioplasty = sliding chin plasty; a chin implant is a cheaper alternative

– orthognatic surgery

– FFS : female feminisation surgery

– making a male face more male

– zygomatic enlargement, cheek bone enhancement ( through implants, medpor, allografts , autlogous bone, Ca hydroxyapatite)

Face Lift (S-Lift, MACS-lift, SMAS plication, lateral SMASectomy )
Classical Facelift (face and neck – deep plane)
Anterior Necklift ( Chin tuck – incision under the chin) – platysmaplasty
Temporal brow Lift (lateral) (short incision in the temporal hairline)

Upper eyelid Surgery
Lower eyelid Surgery
Upper & Lower eyelid SurgeryUpper lip lift

Nose bridge / Closed rhinoplasty without septum
Nose Tip + Nose Bridge / Open or Closed rhinoplasty without septum
Nose Tip + Nose Bridge + Deviated Septum/SeptoplastySecondary nose correction : this may be very timeconsuming surgery :
Ear Correction (otoplasty)

Fat transfer / lipofilling

Lipofilling (with own fat) = lipostructure = autologous fat transplant = fat grafting
Lips / MidFace / temporal hollowing / other parts in the body

Labia Reduction ( inner )
Labia Fat transfer ( outer)

Ultrasound check of tummy (full abdomen) , before tummy tuck , if indicated , by radiologist
Ultrasound and mammography of both breasts , before breast operations, if indicated
These examinations are done in the hospital of Bornem ,
*NB: this price does not include accommodation Accommodation (if necessary) : Euro 500 per night in the general ( Bornem )hospital

PS : We don’t encourage people to take up loans for cosmetic surgery, as this make the procedure more expensive in the end. Hence, we don’t offer finance.

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